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1932 Picasso at Christie's

I'm in absolute awe with the 1932 Picasso Femme assise près de la fenêtre (146cm x 114cm) that Christie’s will auction off in May in NYC. The painting was exhibited in the blockbuster Picasso show “Love, Fame and Tragedy” at the Tate in 2018 together with a similar looking iconic bust of MT and other paintings that depicted MT’s face in a highly sculptural manner. The work was first auctioned in 1997 for $6,8m. It was put up at auction again in 2013 and was then sold for a staggering amount of $44,7m. Will it sell for <$100m in May? The more sensual Nude, Green Leaves and Bust (162cm x 130cm) sold for $106m in 2010, while the epic “Le Rêve” sold for $155m in 2013...

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